The Best Online Business to Start During Coronavirus Lockdown

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the majority of our physical world has shut down, but the digital world continues to thrive.

There is no escaping the lockdowns and quarantines imposed by governments all over the world. The coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace, and most businesses are affected.

As the virus continues to spread across America, we can notice signs of changing consumer preference.

E-commerce is expected to thrive within the next few months as brick and mortar shops continue to be locked down.

The online alternative has replaced the physical shopping environment, and the change in consumer behavior may have long term implications.

Economists expect a psychological change in US consumer demand and behavior. 

We have never seen widespread shutdowns and self-isolations of this magnitude in a long time.

American consumers may start to shy away from going to the movies, sporting events, or any other venue that involves large crowds.

Consumers rarely change their behavior unless they have to as part of due diligence.

The NBA, NFL, Marvel movies have been huge crowd drawers in America, but if the pandemic gets worse, access to such events may be restricted.

There is talk about NBA games being played in a single venue without any crowds. 

Such changes can lead to a shift in consumer spending, and we believe that the online environment is where all the buying and spending will take place.

Why an Online Business Can Thrive Even When a Pandemic Strikes

Internet speed has been intermittent since the pandemic struck because more people are now online since lockdowns and quarantines have begun.

Many industries are negatively affected by the coronavirus outbreak, but most online businesses seem to be lockdown proof.

We take a look at some of the online businesses that are still making money despite the crisis.


Consumers are now confined in their homes for longer periods. This situation has driven e-commerce sales in specific categories like groceries and staple items, including cereals, milk, sugar, rice, potatoes, coconut oil, meat, fish, eggs, and cheese. 

Personal health items and cleaning supplies which have been tested to kill the COVID 19 virus are also in high demand today. These include:

  • Soap
  • Hand Sanitisers containing Ethanol
  • Surface Wipes with Antiseptic usually benzalkonium chloride
  • Bleach
  • Ethanol

Amazon Prime may experience a significant uptrend in membership because many of their products fall into the mentioned categories.

Once consumers make grocery purchases online, they will likely continue to do the same in the future.

During times of crisis, Americans always make sure that basic needs are well-stocked in their cupboards. This is why an e-commerce business like a dropshipping website will continue to operate and make money even when a pandemic strikes.

Getting started with a dropshipping business may be a good idea. You can begin without the fuss of managing inventory, packaging, or shipping. Invest in a Shopify store and add in-demand products (like those mentioned above) during this outbreak to jumpstart your dropshipping business.

Masks are a staple item during this coronavirus outbreak. You can start a dropshipping site and source the products from China via or You can also add UV sanitizing lights and wands to your list of products.


The Freelancing industry has also taken a hit during the coronavirus pandemic as certain industries have cut their budgets or closed down altogether.

Marketing and advertising campaigns have been put on hold or axed completely, which has displaced many freelancers to date.

If you are a freelancer who has been cut due to a canceled project, there is still hope for you.

Several companies are still hiring despite the crisis. You may need to update your skillset as you begin to look for freelancing gigs that may be out of your niche.

Writing and coding jobs are always available, so you better polish your writing skills during this situation.

Data entry and coding jobs don’t require much experience, this type of freelance job can be your temporary source of income while the lockdown is still in effect.

Create a SaaS

Every SaaS company wants their software products to become popular. This crisis can be an opportunity for your software writing prowess. 

Get your creative juices running and think about a SaaS product that can help businesses rebound during this pandemic.

On the other hand, if you can come up with a novel idea like Google Docs, for example, you can make it big with or without corona.

The lockdown has given us much time on our hands; for expert software developers, this is your chance to come up with something big.

Zoom has been experiencing a boom these days as more and more people are connecting via video conferencing worldwide.

Imagine if you can come up with something better during this time?

Buy and Sell Domain Names and Websites

During times of crisis, many businesses are desperate to make money, so you better keep an eye on that domain or website that can be bought at a bargain due to the crisis and sold for millions in the future.

There are many stories about domains being bought at $8 decades ago and sold for hundreds of thousands today.

Many Americans have lost their jobs, and more people are now open to starting their own online business.

Buying a domain name is necessary when putting up an online shop, so there will be an upward tick in demand.

You don’t just choose any domain name available out there; it is an essential aspect of your website and business. Believe it or not, it can make or break you.

Domain names are the first thing your prospective customers will see, so you need to make a good first impression. Bad domain names can send customers to competitor sites quickly.

Keywords in your domain names also help in SEO. Everyone wants their site to rank well in Google, so picking a domain name with an SEO optimized keyword is a good idea.

Domain names also define your brand. The right domain name can create brand recognition, so choose one that’s related to your brand instead of generic domain names. We can all look at Google, Yahoo, and Bing as perfect examples of brandable domain names.

Look for names that are easy to type, pronounce, and spell, shorter is usually better. Avoid hyphens and numbers because it makes it harder for people to type your URL. 6 to 14 characters are an ideal number for your domain name. 

Before buying a domain name, make sure it’s not trademarked or already used.

Thousands of domain names are expiring at Look for names that you think first-time business owners would find attractive and buy them at bargain prices. You can sell them for a profit to aspiring online sellers.

For WordPress and website developers, you can build WordPress sites that plug and play for first time online sellers.

Coming up with a ready-made online site that can make money for prospective customers would be heaven-sent for those who lost their source of income and are desperate to find ways to make money during this crisis.

Online Courses/Coaching

Gyms have been closed during the lockdown, which is why there is a demand right now for online coaching by gym trainers.

If you have a course that you can convert to a digital product like an e-book or video course, you should make your move right now.

Since the NBA suspended the season due to the coronavirus outbreak, many players have been looking for ways to keep in shape in preparation for the possible resumption of the season in a few months.

Team facilities, 24-hour gyms, and basketball courts where they can workout have been closed since a player has tested positive for the coronavirus. The problem is not all NBA players have private basketball courts and gym equipment in their homes.

Laker center JaVale McGee shared in a recent podcast appearance that “He’s been running around a park close to his house.”

Teammate Danny Green, on the other hand, revealed that he was working out with paint cans and surfing the net for home gym options.

If you are a fitness coach, you can develop a course on how athletes can stay in shape even during a lockdown.

Lebron James has shared this on the “Road Trippin” podcast:

“If guys are really serious, you can get some shit done around the house. Everybody got stairs for sure. Everybody can do push-ups, sit-ups…”

Students have plenty of time to learn new skills instead of wasting all of their time on NetFlix and video games. Parents would be happy to pay for online courses that can keep their children busy and productive during the lockdown.

Music instructors can create video courses on how to play the piano, violin, guitar, drums, harp, or any other musical instrument.

Amazon Affiliate Sites is the Best Business Model to Start During Coronavirus Lockdown

If you have lost your day job and you are looking for a way to earn money, then you should read on. We will show you the best option for newbies and veteran internet marketers alike, a proven business model that is easy to start.

Amazon Affiliate Sites have stood the test of time. Now is the best time to put one up as more and more people go to to buy their much-needed supplies.

You begin building your Amazon Affiliate Site by choosing a niche. Narrow down your market and the products you intend to sell. Choose an authoritative domain name and pick a reliable web hosting service.

Choose products that are highly saleable during the crisis like basic necessities, for example. You can check out or

If you have the money to spare you can buy ready-made amazon affiliate sites at and

To continue growing your Amazon Affiliate Site, you need to produce high-quality content about your products in the form of reviews, how-to guides, and comparison posts if applicable.

There may be several online business models that can flourish during this coronavirus pandemic. Still, we are sure that your Amazon Affiliate Site can grow even when the virus has been contained.

An Amazon Affiliate Site is one of the best online business you can start during a coronavirus lockdown.

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