Offline Businesses that are Thriving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has affected millions of people all over the world. There may be plenty of negative things happening around us, but this should not derail us from what we want to achieve.

We should use this opportune time to work for us and not against us.

Many Americans now find themselves with plenty of time on their hands.

When things go back to normal, you don’t want to look back and realize that you wasted the time that was available for you during the lockdown.

Did you binge-watch on Netflix until midnight and slept the whole day afterward? 

You discover that you gained 10 lbs because all you did was eat during the entire quarantine period.

If you are one of those who are caught in this cycle of doing nothing productive during this period, it’s not too late to change your quarantine routine.

While the majority of the businesses that are proving to be pandemic proof are related to eCommerce. 

We understand that not all of us are cut out for this particular type of business and still choose to look for jobs or start an offline company.

We take a look at some of the jobs you can apply to or businesses you can start that are doing well during this crisis.

Cleaning Services

Since COVID-19 started spreading all over America, professional cleaning services have become busier during this time.

Many customers are calling in to have their homes, restaurants, offices, schools, churches, and every other area you can think of for sanitation.

Demand is particularly high for sanitation of medical facilities and commercial buildings.

There are cleaning service companies that have hired additional workers just to keep up with the demand.

Clients want more frequent deep cleaning services done on their properties, and we all know the reason why.

Now is an excellent time to start a cleaning service business or apply for a job in a cleaning services company. 

The good thing about this type of business, with or without the coronavirus, you can still be successful.

Delivery Service Business

Many Americans have chosen to stay home amid the COVID 19 pandemic. State governments have advised or required many to remain sheltered until this whole thing blows over.

We now see professional delivery services taking center stage as they ensure that goods can be delivered to homes and businesses during this crisis.

Business is flourishing for food delivery, and retail delivery services and demand is expected to continue while states are in lockdown.

Delivery service companies are adding more drivers to their workforce to help meet the rising demand.

You could apply as drivers for Doordash or Instacart if you lost your job due to the pandemic.

Starting a delivery service business is not a bad idea during this time. You can solve the problem most eCommerce businesses face right now, which is the last mile delivery service of goods bought online.

Drive-In Movie Theaters

You may be surprised that people still love to go to the movies despite the lockdown. Drive-in movie theaters have seen a spike in demand in this coronavirus era.

With traditional cinemas closing their doors due to social distancing measures, drive-in theaters allow families to get out of their homes and enjoy movies without breaking the rules during the lockdown.

Owners of drive-in movies in Kansas, California, Oklahoma, and Missouri have all shared with the LA Times that business has increased even during the coronavirus situation.

We don’t know how long these drive-in theaters will be open, but we are glad to see a non-essential business making money during this time.

Meal Prep Delivery Services

People are spending more time at home and less time in restaurants who are all closed for dining in anyway.

The top providers of meal preparation and delivery are thriving as orders continue to rise as much as 40% higher than usual. Eat Clean Bro in New Jersey has been busy keeping up with the influx of orders from old and new customers since COVID-19 hit.

Several new players have taken advantage of the trend as we see small businesses offering meal prep and delivery and are also experiencing the high demand for the service.

Grocery Stores

With social distancing being the norm in America, many states have closed down restaurants, and many fast-food chains are now serving delivery and take out.

Families have responded by stocking up on goods and have started eating at home.

This situation has driven up demand for grocery stores all across the country. Reports from supermarket chains in New York and New Jersey have said that goods have been flying off the shelves. Best selling items include hand sanitizers, pizza, chicken, and toilet paper.

Liquor and Wine Stores

Since many bars and clubs have closed due to COVID-19, local wine stores and liquor shops have seen a dramatic increase in sales.

 A store manager from NYCs Vintage Grape Wines and Spirits shared with Bloomberg that “It’s been hard to keep up with demand as people have been wanting to stock up at home.”

People are also buying liquor to make hand sanitizers because alcohol is always out of stock at the groceries.

Fitness Equipment Companies

With the majority of the gyms and fitness centers closed all across the country, Americans have set their eyes on home gyms so they can continue to stay fir during the coronavirus crisis.

Yoga mats have become bestsellers while other fitness products like stationary bikes and home gym equipment, seeing an increase in demand as well.

Landscaping and Yard Care Services

With this new pandemic, we have never seen so many people stuck at home in recent memory. Homeowners while at home must want to keep their lawn looking pretty.

Landscaping, gardening, and yard care companies are seeing profits rise during this pandemic. 

Unlike other companies who have shut down completely, demand has been constant for those in the landscaping business even with COVID-19.

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