How To Earn Money as An Online Freelancer During Coronavirus Lockdown

Global economies and stock markets have crashed due to the worldwide pandemic we are now facing.

These are unprecedented times that require new ways and strategies to earn. While many businesses have shut down, the digital world keeps on thriving.

Even before COVID-19 hit, the work from home job market was rising. Many workers were looking for new opportunities that allowed them to work from home or travel while working.

In the last five years, remote jobs rose 44%. Today, 4.7 million Americans are working from home or have remote jobs. This is around 3.4% of the population of US workers.

Working from home is not that bad as many would think. Employees who have been hoping to escape their cubicles are now having their wish granted.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, more companies have required their workers to work remotely.

We now realize that workers can do their job from anywhere or wherever they choose. All you need is an internet connection, and you are all set.

It’s not a surprise if many who have experienced remote jobs for the first time will remain interested in working remotely long term.

We share some remote jobs that are hiring for job seekers who got laid off due to the crisis.

Remote Writing Jobs

For writers who are passionate about writing on a specific niche, there is work available for you. If you can work well with various clients and can meet tight deadlines, then you can apply as a remote writer.

Remote writers are hired for freelance or contract positions, and some can work as full-time writers.

Some of the Job Titles are listed below:

  • Reporter: you should be comfortable with digging into data, public records, files while identifying and verifying sources. Your job is to write daily stories that comply with best writing practices. You will get staff training as needed, and you are required to have at least three years of professional experience at an established news organization to qualify.
  • Copywriter: You are expected to support the creative team by providing useful marketing materials—Copywriting and editing ads, social media, mail, brochures, websites, and video scripts. Added skills should include writing headlines for campaigns and ad pitches.
  • Content Writer: The job requires a writer that can build SEO driven pages that fit a client’s brand. You are also tasked to write blogs and articles that rank high on SERPs.
  • Research Writer: Candidate must be willing to compile data from completed research and prepare final reports for publication. You should also be good at organizing and analyzing data from study done on completed projects.

Online Data Entry

Data entry is a category that covers a wide range of work, including transcription, captioning, and data management.

If you are looking for a career in online data entry, you should have excellent typing skills, attention to detail, and relevant experience.

Here are some job titles that you may encounter:

  • Data Entry Specialist: Contractual positions of 3 months of work are available. Your job is to sort out Real Estate Data to ensure that documents are filled out accurately and efficiently. Typing speed should be 40 plus words per minute, and you must have your own computer and internet at home.
  • Transcriptionist: For those looking for a career as an independent contractor transcriptionist, there are jobs available for you. The role requires the skill to translate audio files into written documents. 75 WPM typing speed is required with excellent written, spelling, and grammar.
  • Remote Transcribers: If you can speak several languages and you can transcribe them, this job is for you. You should create written copies of live speech or dictated audio. A native level speaker of one of the following languages is required: Italian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian, German, Turkish, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Norweigan.

Remote Design Jobs

Many companies are now looking for designers with the right experience to work remotely for them. There are web design opportunities in UI or UX and graphic design openings that are available for you.

The coronavirus situation may be your key to a full-time career as a remote design specialist.

Here are job titles that may interest you:

  • User Interface Designer: If you are an experienced UI designer that can shape and design unique, user-centric products, then you may be the right candidate for the job. You should be a good team player and experienced with collaborating with copywriters, UX designers, and web developers. Three years of proven experience is required with a strong portfolio to back you up.
  • UX Designer: The job requires design work involving wireframes, UX flows, discovery artifacts, sketches and rough prototypes, and high fidelity prototypes. Your role is to help build government digital services that are fast, efficient, and usable by everyone.
  • Graphics Illustration: Work ranges from simple charts to intricate scientific drawings and style graphics. You need to have two years of experience in vector-based graphic design and expertise with Adobe Illustrator.

Land That Remote Job During Lockdown

Despite the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies are still recruiting to prevent business slowdown.

Measures aimed at containing the outbreak have made companies hire remote workers for their job openings.

Industry leaders like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are among those who have announced a move to online job interviews using video conferencing apps like Zoom, Slack, and WeChat.

As a remote job candidate, you should treat your remote job interview, just like a live interview. Make sure that your internet and video conferencing software are working correctly before your interview.

Dress smartly and make sure your surroundings are quiet during the interview. Be prepared and show enthusiasm for the role.

Remove all distractions like pets and smartphones so you can be fully engaged with your interviewer.

Send a follow-up note and thank your interviewer for their time.

Just keep on going, and you will surely land that remote job that you desire. There are many remote job openings on LinkedIn that you can check out.

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